With these tips for your cover letter you will be one step closer to your dream job

The cover letter is your chance to distinguish yourself as a good employee and to reveal a little bit about your personality prior to your job interview. How to successfully draw the recruiters' attention and to subsequently convince the individuals responsible for human resources is explained with these tips for your CV and cover letter.

Avoid typical phrases in the first sentence

In your cover letter you can state facts and show your personality. Even your writing style and the form of your application reveal much about you and the way you work. Do not waste this opportunity. In order for the introduction to be successful, you have to first attract attention. Use the opportunity to distinguish yourself from other candidates by not starting your cover letter with the usual set phrases-a direct introduction is more authentic. Depending on the sector you want to work in, you can get very creative. It is important to address the relevant individuals with their name rather than relying on phrases such as "Dear Sir or Madam".

Explain why you are useful to the company

Recruiters and personnel managers pay particular attention to the usefulness of the potential employee within the company. What knowledge and capabilities can you offer the company? Have you already worked in similar jobs and therefore have relevant experience? This is what you should focus on in your letter. In your cover letter you should mention the position and explain which of your abilities are useful to the company.
The exact experiences should also correspond to the information the recruiters find in your CV. Generally, the entire application should be consistent and provide a clear picture of your capabilities and experience. This is also your chance to establish the links between the various skills, interests, and experiences listed on your CV. For example, explain the usefulness of a long-cherished hobby with regard to the job or how your various educational and professional training phases fit together and what your long-term goals are. Maintain a common theme!

Adjust your word choice to the company

Your application also allows you to highlight your personality. Your word choice and writing style reveal your character. This is one of the reasons why a cover letter must be customized: while in some companies open and casual communication dominates, other companies maintain a clear hierarchy and a very formal company culture. It is imperative that you bear this in mind when writing your cover letter. Always ensure to be positive and show your commitment. Explain, for example, how the company will profit by hiring you. Remember: you are not just an applicant; rather, you give the company additional value. Be aware of this without coming across as arrogant.

Write concisely, precisely, and unambiguously

The form of your application is also important. Structure your cover letter in such a way that recruiters forward it on to the company and HR managers enjoy reading it. Keep it concise and avoid long, complicated sentences-after all, HR managers have to read a variety of applications on a daily basis. Make their job easier and impress them.