With these tips you can counter nervousness in your job interview

Most applicants are nervous prior to a job interview. This is normal, as nervousness always materialises when one stands before a challenge that is personally important. But there are good strategies for reducing nervousness. The most important tip: Be well prepared. Here you will learn how to prepare and how to avoid nervousness prior to your job interview.

Run through the interview multiple times in advance

Well-prepared applicants are not just more successful, but also less nervous. Thus, you should run through the interview multiple times prior to the actual job interview. Be aware of your strengths. You are less nervous during the job interview if you run through the situation multiple times in your head. Think about what questions may arise and which of your weaknesses may come up. Plan for as many eventualities as possible. Of course, practice makes perfect. The more often you run through your job interview, the less nervous you will be.

Come up with some questions in advance

Running through the interview also involves preparing for questions. Write down the questions you would ask so that you are less nervous during the job interview. Consider what you would like to know what your interest demonstrates to your interviewers. In addition to standard questions, individual questions about the job profile, among others, are also of particular importance.

Take enough time to prepare

Make time for your preparations. It is not just during the actual interview that you should remain calm. You should also remain calm while preparing. Do not stress yourself by seeking to finish preparations as quickly as possible. Take regular breaks. You cannot dismantle your nervousness in a single evening.

Remain calm and relaxed during the interview

Calmness is also an important factor during the interview. When nervous, we tend to want to get to the end quickly. This is quite counterproductive in a job interview. Therefore, take enough time to answer each question. You will of course be offered water or coffee. Accept this offer, make yourself at home and reduce your nervousness in your job interview.

Be optimistic and positive

A positive mindset also helps you reduce your nervousness prior to a job interview. Simply look at the interview as a chance to get acquainted with a new person rather than as a difficult test that you absolutely must pass. Concentrate on your strengths and do not think too much about your weaknesses. Those who can get their strengths into the game need not fear little weaknesses and can be open and relaxed about them. With this mindset you will be less nervous during your job interview and have great opportunities to get your dream job.