Making a good impression - how to score points in your job interview

The job interview is your business card and recommends you for future responsibilities. This makes it particularly important from the very start to make a good impression. No matter how good your references are on paper, the personal impression is more important to every HR manager than the written CV. Thus, use our tips for making a good impression.

Be punctual

You should arrive on time to your job interview. Make sure you arrive 5-10 minutes before the arranged time. This comes across as reliable and professional. If you are driving or taking public transportation, plan for the possibility of traffic and late arrivals. Confirm the address and time prior to the interview and find out where you can park.
Prior to the interview, make sure that you have all the documents you need. In case of emergency, make sure you get a contact person's number from your potential employer. This also shows that you are careful and reliable.

Adhere to the dress code

The question "How to make a good impression?" can also be answered with "With the appropriate clothing!". Your clothing style shows decision makers how serious you are with your application and whether or not you can represent the company externally.
Our tips for making a good impression:
  • Dress seriously and comparatively conservatively.
  • Pay special attention to details.
This includes suitably cleaned shoes and discreet jewellery.

Maintain your posture

Nervousness is part of the job interview. However, it is necessary to stay as relaxed as possible. Thoroughly prepare for the interview in advance so you are ready for all eventualities. Remember that the HR manager is also interested in a positive conclusion to the job interview.

Confident greeting

The first contact in a job interview is the greeting. Our tips for a head start:
  • Stand up for the greeting and firmly shake the interviewer's hand.
  • Maintain eye contact and smile. 
  • Also try to find out the name of your interviewer in advance. This allows you to address him or her correctly, thereby making a good impression.

Be aware of your body language

Consider a positive body language. The right tone plays as big a role as eye contact and your posture. Try to demonstrate genuine enthusiasm and professionalism with your body language. Speak clearly and with competence and confidence without overdoing it. Remember that your motivation and behaviour contribute as much to your success or failure as your abilities and experience.

A nice farewell

Taking your leave is as important as your greeting. You always leave a strong footprint when you end the job interview with a firm handshake, a smile, and a genuine thank you. After the interview you should write a friendly email to your interviewer in which you thank the interviewer for a pleasant interview and his or her time. If you want to reinforce the positive impression you can also use the email to restate your interest in the company.