Discover the perfect job that suits you

Your professional life should be more than just earning the money you need for day-to-day life. A suitable career or your dream job gives you the chance to make the best of yourself whilst having fun. Not everything that fulfils your dreams is also professionally practical. But it provides good information about where your strengths lie. A recruitment consultant can help you clearly identify what your abilities and talents are. Your recruitment consultant accompanies you every step of the way on the path toward a successful career.

Step 1 - Recognise your strengths

The secret to a successful professional life is compatibility between the specified requirements and your personal abilities and tendencies. Be aware of the things that friends, colleagues and bosses value in you. Your own assessment is often not objective or distant enough. What tasks do you most enjoy completing? What would you prefer to avoid in the future?

Step 2 - What has been unsatisfactory up till now?

You quickly recognise the things you do particularly well. But what has stood in the way of your career up till now? If you are already employed, there are probably good reasons for your shift in focus. Consider these facts when choosing your dream job.

Step 3 - Surely there is more potential

Hidden talents often lie dormant beneath the surface. Take a risk and try new tasks. It is not rare for the path to your dream job to take a detour. Are there things that have always enticed you but which you have never dared try? The key to professional happiness may lie therein.

Step 4 - Discover something exciting and new

Study the current professional fields with regard to your desired career. Again and again, the requirements of the modern economy give birth to new jobs that previously did not exist. Often, fields merge or specialised fields arise in which you can find your dream job.

Step 5 - Who gives your career a home?

If your dream job is clearly defined, you still need a suitable workplace. When looking for a job, choose an employer that furthers your professional career. After all, what good is your dream job if stubborn supervisors do not support your innovative plans? Look for a suitable work climate. When looking for your perfect job, a recruitment consultant with expertise and experience can guide you along the way.

Step 6 - Think beyond

No one can say where you will be professionally in ten years. Many factors, for example family and health, will influence you in a way that is not at first apparent. Concrete plans should be included in the selection of a suitable job. What is the path you envision for yourself? Find out what opportunities and options for further education your dream job offers you. Ideally you will find this out in conversations with people who already "live" your dream job.