How to use your online reputation to find a job

Your online reputation also plays an important role while looking for employment. HR managers assess applicants using their Facebook profiles, and recruitment consultants look online for suitable individuals in a targeted manner. This gives you wonderful opportunities: By developing a good online reputation, you can reach HR managers and recruitment consultants who bring you closer to your next dream job. How do you develop a good reputation on the internet, and what should you avoid at all costs?

Handle your private information with care

Most HR managers assess their applicants on social networks. Facebook is the first point of contact and significantly contributes to your online reputation. You can use this to your advantage by maintaining an interesting and serious profile. However, you generally use your Facebook profile in your private life and reveal much about yourself: holiday photos, comments on various websites, circles of friends and participation in events can all be seen. Thus, to ensure a good online reputation be sure that you also maintain a serious image on your private profile. Avoid embarrassing party photos, offensive comments and anything else that could negatively impact your reputation. Even political comments can prove fatal on social media. Therefore: hold back and be objective when you participate in discussions on the social web.

Use LinkedIn to build up your online reputation

You can greatly develop your online reputation using platforms such as LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social networks specifically developed for professional networking. You will find numerous recruitment consultants who carefully and precisely examine your profile. This is the perfect opportunity for you to improve your reputation.
LinkedIn allows you to upload your entire CV as well as the various developments in your education and professional experiences. Even better: introduce yourself with a short and creative text. Said text is seen in the overview by those who visit your profile and is thus a wonderful way of drawing attention to yourself. Of course, your photo also plays an important role, so be sure that you look personable and professional. In general, the same advice given for a written application also applies to LinkedIn.

Your own websites and blogs promote your online reputation

The best way to communicate true professional expertise is with your own website. It does not necessarily need to be related to your profession, as even your hobbies can be valuable in terms of professional experience, thereby improving your online reputation. Present yourself as an expert on the relevant subject. This also demonstrates passion and initiative-both of which are characteristics that are important for a successful application.
Having your own blog is very well suited to developing a good online reputation. Of course, you should also link your website to your profiles on the social web. Good comments in forums about topics that relate to your profession are also beneficial to your online reputation. Here too you can establish a reputation as an expert. Many forums also have special sub-forums in which recruitment consultants and HR managers look for qualified employees.