Making your next career move

This section will assist you in making the right career move at the right time. Learn how to develop transferable skills and the right way to resign.
The top 5 benefits of having a mentor
The value of having a mentor can be useful tool to anyone.
How to maintain a work life balance
It is important to have a balance between your job and the other areas of your life so you can be productive, healthy and happy both at work and outside of it.
When to take the next career step
The decision to change jobs or careers can be motivated by many factors. Perhaps you have decided it’s time to pursue your passion, or you have been offered a dream role.
Making a career change
Most job seekers will experience a varied career path over their working life. Essential to making a career change of any scale a success is targeted research and thorough preparation.
Developing transferable skills
You’ve made the decision to leave your current organisation; you’ve been offered a new job in a position that you’ll be much happier in. All you have to do now is leave on good terms.
The trend toward employing contract staff continues to grow as companies recognise the benefit of a more flexible workforce. Contractors are increasingly used to support busy periods, cover maternity or long service leave and provide specialised skills for specific projects.