Freelance work or self-employment - the next step in your career

Professionally standing on your own two feet and taking responsibility into your own hands – for many, the path to self-employment is an important career step. And those who do not want to launch their own business idea can take advantage of the benefits of work without a fixed contract as a freelancer or as a temporary solution. Employers are also increasingly following this trend.
More and more companies recognise the benefits of flexible employees who can use their abilities and special qualifications to provide support during peak times or on important projects. We have compiled the most important benefits for you to help you determine whether or not self-employment is the right next career step for you.

Flexibility - freelancing allows you to determine when you work

A central benefit of freelancing and self-employment is the freedom to work when it best suits your personal circumstances. When self-employed, you decide for yourself when and where you want to work-you are not accountable to a supervisor in terms of when you take breaks, start working, or take time for other projects. As long as you adhere to agreements with customers, you and you alone determine your workflow. Scheduling flexibility means you can work on the weekend if you occasionally do not have time during the week, and there is a lot of room for impromptu planning. Often, holiday and free time fit perfectly between two contracts, and your work-life balance is in your own hands.

Gain diverse experiences - use freelancing as a means of personal development

If you engage in freelance work, you can gain many different experiences and expand your abilities. Often the self-employed and freelancers work in various areas of responsibility with different companies and contracting entities. They learn to adapt to different expectations, methods of working and means of communication, which in turn gives them valuable qualifications for their next job.

Bridge the gap - working self-employed to fill the gap

Freelancing can be a great opportunity, particularly for candidates who are looking for a new job. This helps you reduce the stress of looking for a job, allowing you to relax while focusing on the next application phase. You also avoid a gap in your CV and spend your time between jobs gaining diverse and valuable experience. In this way you work on your professional and general qualifications everyday, giving yourself a chance to explore a new career.

Self-employment and networking

Working self-employed is an ideal opportunity to establish relationships with various companies. Maintain a good network and gain a reputation as a flexible, reliable and qualified partner. Your reputation will precede you, ensuring follow-up orders and projects and allowing you to develop new perspectives. Should one of these contacts yield an opportunity for a fixed contract, you can determine – free of obligations – whether the company philosophy suits your expectations and if you want the connection to the company to be more permanent.