How do I establish an attractive EVP?

The EVP is the positioning of your company as an employer and is extremely important when it comes to distinguishing yourself from the competition. EVP (Employee Value Proposition) - describes the characteristics that make your company stand out to potential and current employees. An EVP establishes an orientation for your employees and external applicants and dictates a clear direction for your organisation. Distinguish yourself from your competition and draw the attention of the most talented to your company. We have compiled information explaining how to establish an attractive EVP and why positioning is so important.

Put your cards on the table - realise your goals

You significantly increase the quality of your employees by specifying and pursuing clear goals. With a clear strategy and specific objectives you become more attractive than other employers and increase your chances of being chosen by highly qualified employees. You give your employees and management a point of focus. Positioning always means leadership-making employer positioning an instrument of company management.

The core components of the EVP - give your company an image

The development of an EVP is based on the employer's identity, values, culture and goals. With it, you create a link between the actual situation and a realistic positioning goal. The components of positioning are the armour for your employer brand-you yourself define your brand personality. Is family friendliness particularly important to you? Then state the processes that you have already established in this regard or the measures that you have planned. Do you place a high value on innovation and progress? Then communicate this. Do you invest in employees' further education ? This could be a decisive factor for many candidates.

Planning an EVP identify a target market

The most important step in planning an EVP is to determine the audience you want to reach with it. If you are looking for fresh talent and want qualified people to take an interest in your company, then find out where such individuals are. Who do you want to reach, where can you speak to them, and what do they expect from you? Once you have answered these questions you should adapt the message of your EVP accordingly. What makes your company better than the competition in certain points? If you cannot immediately specify this point, take a step back and establish the EVP in your company. This distinguishes you as an employer and helps you attract employees that place value precisely on this point when choosing an employer.

Communicate your message

Your EVP is defined. Now you need to communicate the message in a clever way. Find a creative way to communicate. Your website, specific marketing - ensure that your target audience can find you and that highly qualified employees have access to the information. Another important communication channel is found in your employees and managers. Prove day in and day out that your positioning goal is being pursued. Communication between your employees is the most believable source when it comes to communicating your EVP. Establishing permanence in your company's day-to-day life is therefore an important part of your EVP. Constantly remind yourself of your EVP and the corresponding goals and actively work toward achieving them-this is also noticed outside of your company and adds to your reputation.