Important advice and tips on looking for a job

The search for a new place of employment can be nerve-wracking and time-consuming. Often, you do not want your current employer to find out you are searching for new employment. To some extent this makes looking for a new job a logistical challenge. But with the right tips on looking for a new job you will quickly find your dream job.

Properly use social networks in your job search

Well-known social networks can be a big help when looking for a job. Your postings inform your acquaintances and online friends that you are looking for a job. However, the search for a new place of employment via social networks is not without risks. Photos of excessive alcohol consumption or membership in certain groups are not very conducive to the job search. Additionally colleagues with whom you are still currently working might notice if you use social media to find a new job. Your current employer certainly would not like seeing such posts. An important piece of advice to managers on looking for employment: manage your appearances on social media with great care and tact. Many recruitment consultants also offer professional help in this regard. Sometimes human resources departments also commission service providers to gather information on applicants from social networks in a targeted manner.

A head start through online newspaper advertisements

A good tip on looking for new employment is to get at least a trial subscription to a few newspapers for the duration of your job search. Many newspapers also have online advertisements that give you access to positions that are currently available. This is a great way to get a head start prior to the next print edition. A quick application is often very significant, especially for coveted positions.

Properly use online job portals

A popular piece of advice on finding a job is the use of online job portals. Sophisticated filters let you precisely define your job search on online job portals. All you have to do is set up a user account for the job portal and save the criteria for your search. The online job portals then forward suitable and current job offers to your email address. Many online job portals also allow you to set up an applicant profile that can be selectively activated for employers and/or recruitment consultants. This allows interested parties to search based on your qualifications and to contact you. In many cases you can also set up your CV and qualifications in an anonymous form. Even when getting in contact with you, interested parties do not automatically see your name or your address.

Help searching for a job from a recruitment consultant

Recruitment consultants are specialised in finding jobs for skilled employees and manager and also have access to vacant positions that rarely appear in job advertisements or on job portals. They also have a direct link to many human resources departments. This opens doors for you and accelerates your job search.