Many professionals know that feeling on Monday morning when the week starts anew and they have to switch back into work mode. Some do not find it difficult to start the week after a short lead-time, but what helps when you simply cannot lose that uncomfortable feeling? Those who no longer enjoy going to work because the love for their job disappeared at some point have a stressful problem. It is sometimes easy to forget what one once loved about his or her job. Tight deadlines, differences with colleagues, nagging customers or supervisors-these things can quickly put you off of working. We have compiled some tips for you that help you rediscover your love for your job.

Starting over - rediscovering your love for your job

Those who have forgotten what once made their job their dream job should start here. Remind yourself why you took the job. This is your starting point for a motivated restart. Was it the company's principles, your area of responsibility, or the career prospects? If the most important criteria are still fulfilled - apart from the exceptions in everyday life - then you will quickly see what makes you love your job.

Reconsider your own role and enjoy working again

Often it is one's position in the company that causes people to forget why they love their job. Start here to learn to love your job again. Pay particular attention to significant changes. Did your area of responsibility change? Are you underchallenged/overchallenged? Do you still pursue the tasks that you used to enjoy? If this is the cause of your lack of love for your job, then talking to your boss might be the solution. If you are bored, then get involved in new projects. Ask for new areas of responsibility. If you still believe in the things that make your company what it is, then fighting for your love of your job is worthwhile, and in no time you will once again enjoy going to work.

See the big picture - who enjoys going to work everyday?

In many cases having too many expectations of yourself is a problem. Do you want to make a difference everyday? Should your work bring about changes and make you irreplaceable? This leads to overextension for yourself and others and makes it impossible to love your job. The goal does not need to be that you enjoy your job every day. However, you should look at the big picture and find a balance.
Do you enjoy going to work most of the time? And do you love your job on the good days? Then this needs to be your motivation for enjoying your job in the future and conquering the Monday blues. But what if in retrospect you discover that you cannot love your job because you never had any love for your job? In this case you should immediately consider what you expect from your job, what your strengths and weaknesses are, what motivates you and what you have fun doing. In some cases, a job change is the best solution.