Top performance in your professional life demands inner balance-a fulfilling private life establishes the basis for professional success. Your ability to perform and your well-being are essentially dependent upon four areas of life, which we will present in more detail.

Know what is important to you

Many find making decisions difficult. Choosing one option simultaneously excludes alternatives. The important things such as conflict resolution with your partner or your next sport session are often not deemed urgent enough and are put off again and again. Many have a clear perspective of their professional development. If you want to have a good work-life balance, it is important to give consideration to other areas of life. The four areas of life are:
  • Professional life: success, money, career
  • Senses, culture and style: self-actualisation, love
  • Body and health: nutrition, sport, relaxation
  • Social life: friends, family, recognition
The four areas of life are correlated. Your ability to perform decreases if you invest too much energy in your job and neglect your body and health. The balance between the four areas must ensure a balanced private life and professional life. Working mothers in particular know the difficulties of trying to juggle everything while simultaneously trying to find enough time for oneself to relax. Those who constantly invest too much energy in one direction find that the balance between their professional and private life comes apart at the seams.

Developing your own life vision

All four areas of life must be taken into consideration if you want to achieve a balance between professional and private life. Answer the following questions:
  • What do you want?
  • What do you want to feel when you look back at your life in 20 or 50 years?
  • What are your abilities?
Write your answers down. Next, ask yourself what role you want to fulfil in your life. In addition to your role at work you are also, for example, a friend, a wife or husband, a football player or bowling buddy. Additional questions arise once your various roles are identified:
  • Which roles did you consciously choose?
  • Which roles did others impose on you?
  • Which roles would you like to give up?
To orient yourself to achieve a balanced life, try not to take on more than seven roles. Having to fulfil too many responsibilities causes stress, and there is not enough time to properly fulfil every role.

Establishing a balance between private and professional life

To realise your life vision in steps you need daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. The objective is a fulfilling life, and this requires taking the four areas of life into consideration. This is the only way to establish a nice balance between professional and private life. Shaping your personal life vision helps you determine the meaning and direction of your own life. Most of the time less is more. Those who try to fulfil too many roles are often short on time and therefore stressed. Consistent concentration on the most important things promises success and balance in life. What is really urgent? The goal is to act rather than to react. A good balance between professional and private life means taking responsibility and making decisions on your available time.