Every company hopes to find very good employees that enrich the company and advance projects. But how does one reach these top performers? First you need to understand what motivates and inspires these talents. Why is your company the right one for these employees? What can you offer? Be open about what your company's philosophy and guiding principles are and convince highly qualified employees that they should use their talents in your company. We have compiled some important tips.

Offer a means of identification and attract highly qualified employees

A dream salary and a company car - though this was previously enough to attract top performers to your company, today the priorities have been placed elsewhere. In particular highly qualified employees look for a chance to work in a company whose mindset fits their own. Be a company that one can identify with. Creative, innovative and unique - if this is what you are, then show the world.

Be unique - establish an Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

competition in the eyes of highly qualified employees. What significantly sets you apart from others? What does your company stand for? What is special here? Once you have specified this point, make it visible. Place your EVP on your website and ensure that people are talking about it-highly qualified employees will then flock to you.

Create space for development - attract highly qualified employees with perspective

When it comes time to take a new job, the option for personal and professional development is often the deciding factor for highly qualified employees. Give your top performers the opportunity to gain new qualifications and to expand upon abilities and interests. Whether it's soft skills or professional qualifications, top performers want to exhaust their potential. Help them along!

Ensure an impeccable reputation

If you want to be a company that is attractive to highly qualified employees, you need to ensure that people are talking about you-in a positive light. Do your permanent employees have many opportunities to arrange their private life? Do you offer your employees many extras to make their work life comfortable? Does your company keep an eye on sustainability and environmental friendliness? Show what makes you a top employer. And when your employees speak positively about their jobs, people hear about it within the various networks, and your reputation grows. Attract new, highly qualified employees : Salaries are not always enough. Generally it is the perspectives, conditions and mindsets that make a company an attractive employer. Keep your doors open and provide fair chances - people will talk about it.

Consult a recruitment consultant

A recruitment consultant uses his experience and competence to help you find highly qualified employees for your company. Proven experts guide you along the way, from the job advertisement to the invitation for an interview sent to suitable candidates. You profit from a large network and innovative approaches, a personal contact person and efficient work.

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