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Would you like to fill a vacant position in your company? Then job interviews with candidates are an important step toward finding the ideal employee. Staff members are one of the most important resources in a successful company. With the right employees, you can achieve your long-term company objectives. During the job interview you can recruit the best employees for your company. But you need more than just the right questions and good preparation to conduct a meaningful job interview.


Optimal preparation prior to the job interview is essential. Carefully read the candidate's cover letter and CV and note any questions that arise. Have you hired a recruitment consultancy? You can also get important information about the candidate from your consultant. A calm, relaxed atmosphere is the foundation of a good interview. Thus, prepare a suitable room for the interview. Furthermore, it is best to conduct the job interview with a team. This helps you avoid making a decision too quickly based on subjective impressions. Plan enough time for the job interview so that the candidate can ask questions once you are done asking yours. Interview guidelines that have been prepared in advance help you conduct a structured interview.

The greeting

Before you conduct the interview you should briefly introduce yourself and the company. Explain how the open position fits into the company's structure and what you want to fill the position. Repeat the requirements for the future employee, as they are the basis for the interview. Finally, use the job interview to determine how well the applicant suits the requirement profile for the job. Also explain how the interview should proceed. After the initial greeting allow the employee to speak and ask him to introduce himself and the motivation for his application.

The interview

During the interview you may ask anything that is justifiably related to the possible work relationship. What specialised knowledge does the candidate have? How does he envision his future work environment? Why is he suitable for the job? The applicant's previous jobs are also of interest. Ask questions about your company to asses how well the applicant has prepared for the interview. Formalities such as salary requirements and possible start dates are also part of the interview. Take notes while you conduct the interview. Pay attention not just to the applicant's answers, but also to his appearance: Is the candidate confident? Does he have a friendly vibe? What does his body language reveal?

Create situations

Often, creativity is helpful while conducting an interview. Come up with, for example, a critical situation that could arise in the new employee's working environment. Imagine the applicant facing said theoretical challenge. How would he handle it? This allows you to test if he would act suitably in a given situation.

After the interview

Say goodbye and inform the applicant when and how you will get in touch with him. Immediately after the job interview you should summarise your notes and reach a conclusion with the team. In the event of a series of interviews, this also helps you maintain an overview of the candidates-and in the end to find the best employee for your company.