Challenging interview questions can completely derail the interview and remind you that no one can perfectly prepare for a job interview. In order to give you some ideas regarding challenging interview questions, we have compiled ten difficult questions with which you might be confronted in your job interview and the corresponding good answers.

1. Why did you quit or why do you plan to quit your last job?

An awkward interview question that is nevertheless entirely answerable. Never make conflicts with colleagues or supervisors the subject of conversation. State that you have new goals and the new job makes it possible for you to achieve them.

2. What mistake do you regret and what did you learn from it?

Important: do not pass the blame off to someone else. It is a good idea to specify one situation and to explain how the situation changed. The result was that you now deal with important things in a timely manner. In this way you can convince the HR manager.

3. What did you do between .... and .....?

This question is in regard to a gap in your CV. Use the chance to answer this challenging interview question in your favour. You can score points with time spent living abroad, seminars and courses.

4. How do you feel about overtime?

A good answer is to emphasise that you endeavour to finish your tasks on time and can structure your day. But not everything can be planned-in important instances you are of course prepared to work longer.

5. How do you deal with criticism?

This challenging interview question deals with something that is one of the most important soft skills: the ability to accept criticism. Perfect: ask if you can replace criticism with feedback. This is because feedback - whether positive or negative - is important to your work process.

6. Why did you study for so long?

Your potential employer asks this difficult interview question to determine whether or not you lack purposefulness. A good answer: You had to pay your own way through university.

7. What motivates you?

The answer to this challenging interview question should never be money or a cool company car. Define working in a successful team or on exciting projects as the goals that motivate you and score points.

8. How much would you like to earn in our company?

This question numbers amongst both the most common and the most difficult questions. Do not sell yourself below value. If you have sufficient professional experience, then you have earned a salary higher than the contractually stipulated minimum wage, but you should not make excessive demands. Seek out information in advance regarding salary in relation to your professional experience.

9. How long do you intend to work for us?

This question tests your staying power and the seriousness of your intentions: you are looking for perspectives and challenges. If you get those in this company then you do not see a reason to look for other employment.

10. Do you have any other questions?

The question generally asked at the end of the interview is also of the difficult interview questions. Having no further questions signals a clear lack of interest. It is better to ask a job-specific question or further education opportunities.

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