Do you have questions about our services? The answers to FAQs will help! If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

1. Are the services provided by Michael Page free for applicants and those looking for a job?

We are happy to help you in your search for a job. As an applicant, our services are free for you.

2. What is MyPage and what is the save function?

MyPage is your personal space on the Michael Page website. You have your own search agent and automatically get emails informing you of suitable job offers. The save function facilitates the application process by letting you mark suitable offers.

3. How do I apply?

Our website offers to options for applying: with an unsolicited application or by looking for a concrete job offer. Use the online application form to submit an unsolicited application. If you want to answer an existing job advertisement, either use the online application form beneath the advertisement or apply via MyPage.

4. Do I have to apply separately for each job?

You can use the save function once you have registered for MyPage. Then you can simultaneously apply to multiple jobs.

5. What documents do I need for the application?

We need your complete and extensive CV so we can make a qualified assessment of your application. Additional information about your desired salary and your current period of notice of the earliest point at which you can start a new job are helpful to us.

6. How does Michael Page find the ideal job for me?

Once clients have placed an order with a new job offer, we search through our pool of applicants for suitable candidates. We immediately contact you if your profile fits the vacant position.

7. I applied for a job. When will the consultant contact me? What happens next?

Have you applied for a vacant position and does your profile match the job advertisement? Then our consultants will contact you right away. If applicable, they will also arrange an interview. Unfortunately, we cannot give direct feedback for each application and thank you for understanding. In the event that you have not received a response to your application after three weeks, then we unfortunately cannot give you a positive answer. If you want to stay up to date with current job offers, we recommend regularly visiting our website and setting up a search agent in your MyPage area.

8. What can I expect in an interview at Michael Page?

Our consultants are experts in their respective fields. During the interview we give you advice regarding professional options and if necessary optimise your CV and other application documents. We also record your personal information such as contact information and personal wishes.

9. What happens after my interview with Michael Page consultants?

We use your CV to create a candidate profile. In order for potential employers to gain a meaningful impression of your know-how and qualifications, we fill your profile with information about your professional development, your education and qualifications as well as the language(s) you speak and computer knowledge you possess. During the interview we will discuss vacant positions that suit you, and in the event of a match we discuss the employee feedback once documents have been submitted. If the company is interested in you, we arrange a time for you to have your interview with your potential new employer.

10. How do I prepare for an interview with one of Michael Page's customers?

Your application documents are the first step toward a new job. If you are invited for an interview, remember that your appearance and the way you present yourself are crucial. Use our Career Centre to get extensive tips on preparation.

11. What is the best way to use the Michael Page service?

In order for us to offer you the greatest amount of support, we need you to keep your information up-to-date. Immediately inform us if a detail in your CV changes. The fastest way is to apply here again. We then update your CV.

12. How do I delete my profile and information?

Simply send us an email and request that your data be deleted. However, staying with Michael Page is worthwhile. We see ourselves as a partner along your professional path. Remain a member of our network and a short update is all it takes to resume the search for interesting jobs.

13. What customers work with Michael Page?

Michael Page works with renowned national and international companies from a wide variety of industries.

14. Why do I generally not see the name of the company in the job advertisement?

Amongst other reasons, our customers use our services to reduce their workload. We assume responsibility for the pre-selection so that the company does not directly receive applications. This is only possible if the company remains anonymous during this phase.

15. Why is salary not indicated in every advertisement?

Salary for a specific vacant position may vary based on qualifications and professional experience. You will arrange your salary during your application process.

16. Privacy of information

Find our complete privacy terms here.