An interview invitation proves that your written application was favourably received by recruiters and HR managers. Now you need to score points at the interview and take another step toward your future job with a good performance. A checklist helps you avoid grave mistakes in your job interview.

1. Arriving late

Poor time management decreases your ability to be punctual due to unpredictable delays. Make sure you plan enough time for your journey. Tardiness is very poor behaviour.

2. Unexcused absence

If illness, delayed train connections or car problems keep you from being on time, all you need to do to protect yourself is apologise for your tardiness. Immediately inform your contact person.

3. Too casual at greeting

Despite your excitement, an impolite greeting without eye contact is unforgivable. This is one of the most common interview mistakes complained about by supervisors. Make sure you have good manners.

4. A lack of interest in the employer

Insufficient information about the potential future employer is one of the biggest mistakes in job interviews. Gather information prior to the interview. It may be helpful to talk to a recruitment consultant who can help you thoroughly prepare for your information and may even be able to provide you with insider information.

5. Questionable documents?

Those without answers for gaps and missing information in their documents embarrass themselves when asked about them. Under certain conditions, one of the biggest interview mistakes could unbalance you and put other applicants ahead of you.

6. Overtired appearance

Nothing is more negative than looking exhausted and yawning during an interview. Avoid turning drinks into a stumbling block and postpone your party.

7. Lack of care

Dirty fingernails, food remains between your teeth, or worn-out clothing are a small but uncomfortably grave lapse of judgement in a job interview. Carefully check your appearance in the mirror.

8. Inappropriate clothing

You give a poor impression of yourself when wearing inappropriate clothing. Avoid this job interview mistake and adapt your clothing to your (future) workplace.

9. Bad manners

Those who straddle their chairs should not expect to be well received by their interviewer. Show your interviewer respect.

10. Abrasive posture

Cigarettes and gum have no place in a job interview; the same applies to looking bored or keeping an eye on the clock.

11. Intellectual absence

Those who pay more attention to their mobile phone, etc., than to the interviewer have already lost. This interview mistake destroys all your chances.

12. Senseless chit chat

Be aware of the meaning and weight of your words and think for a moment before you answer. Meaningless small talk comes across as unprofessional and demonstrates an inability to concentrate on what's important.

13. Overestimation of your own abilities

Excessive ego is repulsive. Avoid this inappropriate interview behaviour and provide advantageous yet objective information bout yourself.

14. Inability to take criticism

Those who answer angrily scare off their interviewer. Avoid such inappropriate behaviour in your job interview and react calmly and professionally to critical questions.

15. Presumptuous questions

Forcing the conditions of the job to the fore has proven to be a big mistake in interviews. Hold back premature questions and wait for your interviewer's offer.

The following tips and tricks on how to master your interview will help you get your next job.