Asking the right questions in a job interview is essential to the success of the interview. You show that you have genuine interest in the job and also have an opportunity to get to know your potential new workplace better. After all, you should also make the right decision for yourself. Learn which job interview questions are important and how to ask them.

Ask questions about the company

During your job interview you should show particular interest in the company. Employers want employees who identify with the company. However, you should not overdo it. Employers expect interested applicants to obtain information about the company prior to the job interview. During your job interview, you should avoid questions about the number of employees, the products and services, the size of the company and other general information, as such questions give the impression that you are not sufficiently informed about your potential new employer. Instead, demonstrate your interest in the company culture:
  • How do supervisors describe the company culture?
  • What plans does the company have for the future?
  • What opportunities for further education are there within the company?

During your interview, ask about your role in the company

For you the most important thing is why the vacant position is vacant at all. Perhaps your predecessor quit or the position is new. You also show interest with this interview question. It is also important to know what a typical workday looks like, as many job advertisements are quite vague. By asking questions in your job interview you learn what concrete challenges await you. In this context, many factors play a role:
  • How are work times distributed?
  • What does the office look like?
  • Do I work in a team, and if yes, with whom?
  • To what extent am I included in the decision-making process?
The last question in particular is a great way to use the job interview to show that you are motivated and creative-a quality that just about every employer values.

Also ask questions about your supervisors

You can also use your job interview to ask questions about your supervisors. In this way you clarify the relationship that your future boss will have with you. Ask, for example, what contact there is between employees and supervisors. Are they free to mix and discuss ideas with their employees, or is there a strict hierarchy? Do not worry about pestering your future supervisors with such questions. You might also find it interesting to hear how your supervisors' careers developed.

Questions regarding organisational concerns

Of course, you should also ask questions during your interview that pertain to organisational matters. This also includes the question regarding work times: How long is the average workday? How often is there overtime and how is it compensated? Do not be shy when asking such questions. At the end of the interview it is important for you to know when you will be informed of a decision. This is also a sign of interest in the job.