Wege, um die Mitarbeitermotivation zu steigern

The motivation of your employees is an important factor in your company's success. Your employees only have the endurance they need to invest sufficient performance in their work when they are motivated. Therefore, increasing employee dedication is one of management's most important duties. Here you will learn how to increase your team's motivation, enthusiasm and dedication.

Get to know your employees better

The first and most important step toward increasing employee committment is getting to know your employees, since motivation differs from person to person. Some employees are intrinsic, i.e. motivated sufficiently from within, whilc others require extrinsic motivation, i.e. motivation from external sources. What that motivation looks like depends on the type of person. In order to increase employee committment you need to find out how your individual employees are best motivated. A close connection between you and your team is essential: conversations with employees reveal what your employees like and don't like about their workplace; find out how the individual employees in your team think and how you can best motivate them. Of particular importance is the definition of success, which is different for everyone. When you convey your company's definition, you also lay the foundation for increasing employee motivation. Furthermore, you signal to your team that you are taking care of your team members and take their individual interests seriously.

Create a connection between your employees and your company

Probably the biggest motivation for employees is an ability to identify with the company and its goals. By making your employees feel like they share in the success, you give them personal incentive to stay motivated and dedicated at work. Sharing the success does not only have to be in monetary terms, but can also include the promise of nicer offices in the event of sustained company success. However, a high level of motivation is obtained when employees personally identify with the company and its philosophy. You can achieve this through company events and parties. A casual atmosphere and avoiding too much objectivity often results in employees feeling at home at their workplace. Establishing a shared identity with the company is an important step towards increasing employee committment.

Focus on people

Your employees are your greatest capital. However, if you want to increase employee dedication you should treat them like people rather than commodities. Various measures make your employees feel like they are also treated like people: a comfortably furnished office with leisure activities during breaks, the right to voice concerns when decorating the office, and flexible work times. These measures help your employees find a deeper harmony between free time and work, which increases employee motivation.