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How to succeed as a consultant

Virtually anyone can succeed as a recruitment consultant. Because we have a number of sector disciplines, once you find a sector you’re comfortable with, you’ll need to acquire detailed and well-informed knowledge of your business sector. Without this knowledge you will not convince a client or candidate that you know what you are talking about and lose credibility.
Previous experience in recruitment is naturally an advantage but not essential. Probably more important is that you have actual experience of having worked in your chosen discipline.

Attitude is key

Having the right attitude is essential. People who succeed are generally those who are well-motivated, organised, good listeners and very resilient. Determination to succeed and resourcefulness are also vital qualities as you deal with knock backs and disappointments.
Those who become successful and rise to the top are those who never give up, listen carefully and respond to their clients needs. Studying your discipline and displaying knowledge are essential.

Total commitment

We’re not a 9-5 company. Nor do we expect our consultants to work ridiculously long hours, but you will find that to succeed you will need to put in the hours.
Our consultants flourish in this ‘work hard/play hard’ culture and enjoy working in a company that gives them plenty of encouragement and rewards performance. Without passion and dedication you will not succeed. So devote yourself to the tasks ahead and you’ll soon reap the benefits.


Good communication is an essential part of being a recruitment consultant. You’ll spend a lot of time on the telephone, emailing and interviewing people, so high levels of communication skills are essential if you’re to succeed. Regularly communication with your clients is essential, even when they’re may not be actively recruiting.
Maintaining a close relationship with your client will keep you up to date and aware of their business and enable you to respond when the time comes.


Yes, this is your career, but you’ll need to be a team player to succeed.
You’ll need to work effectively within a team and develop good working relationships with colleagues and managers. Be ready to pool resources, cover for team members and share ideas. We work on a non-commission basis, whereby teams share bonuses, so a good team ethic is essential

Learning fast

How fast you progress as a recruitment consultant will depend on your ability to learn quickly. You’ll inevitably make mistakes at first but study your discipline carefully, get to know your client and understand their business needs.
Remember, that like clients, each candidate is different, with individual characteristics, qualities and career goals. We’ll give you all the help you need with personal development and training programmes, but, essentially, it will be down to your ability to learn fast Once you realize this, success will naturally follow.