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Considering a move to a marketing agency?

The creative buzz of a marketing agency environment combined with the exposure to high-profile accounts can help you develop some seriously sought-after skills.
If you’re considering a move to a marketing agency, find out more about the different types below, and talk to us about those that interest you most.

Advertising agency

Often a generic term used to describe the range of creative, marketing and communication agencies involved in the production of promotional campaigns on behalf of clients.

Brand agency (content and experience)

A brand agency gets involved from the creation of a brand identity to ongoing brand strategy and re-launches. The creative work that goes into establishing the message is supplemented by the inclusion of the brand into mass media content, and by sponsorship of events – also known as experiential marketing.

Creative agency

Their main purpose is to develop creative content, working with their client’s marketing department and other types of agencies. This agency is involved in the initial stages of a creative campaign to define who the audience is and how the message will be communicated to them. The creative idea is developed across all media and communication channels, resulting in tangible TV commercials and magazine promos.

Digital agency

Also known as an online or new media agency, the focus is on digital communication mediums (as the name would suggest). These include viral campaigns, banner advertising and email marketing.
A specialist type of digital agency is a search agency, which endeavours to promote the ranking of, and traffic to their client’s websites. Methods include pay per click marketing and improving sites with search engine optimisation.

Direct marketing agency

Direct Marketing (DM) is a form of advertising that eliminates the traditional channels like TV and radio and allows organisations to interact directly with consumers, with measurable results. The DM agency advises their clients on the most appropriate channel/s to reach consumers, whether a DM insert in a magazine or online advertising, and measures, evaluates and interprets the response.

Integrated agency

An integrated agency provides a holistic approach to creative communication planning for their clients, by offering a range of services which individually fall within the remit of specialist agencies. For example – PR, brand, digital and direct marketing teams will be employed by the agency to enable the delivery of a broad range of marketing advice to the client.

Market research agency

Business strategy relies heavily on market research, which is a defined programme to gather information and statistics on specific industry segmentation and consumer opinion for competitive advantage. Organisations can use a market research agency to undertake research into these trends, and report their interpretations.

Media agency

The media agency will work with their clients to develop communication strategies to engage with current and potential consumers, and the wider general public. They will have a full understanding of their client’s business issues, message and target markets and develop a bespoke plan to best reach the intended audience.
Essentially, this involves the planning and purchasing of media on behalf the client. More traditional channels are TV, press and radio but new forms of media are increasingly being added to the mix. This type of agency has the specific expertise and leverage to increase return on investment and drive down transaction costs.

PR and communications agency

This agency is engaged to develop the relations of an organisation/group/person with the media, and consequently improve their public perception. The goal of the PR agency is to create a specific image of their client through the mediation of news and advertising. The most popular method of publicity is a specially crafted press release, from which the media can create newsworthy content.
Whichever direction you choose to take, speak to Michael Page Sales & Marketing about your marketing job search.