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Digital skills in demand

As marketing budgets continue to increase for online channels, so the demand for marketers with a digital skill set is on the rise.
Digital marketing teams have become more established in marketing departments across all sectors, and digital divisions are increasingly the driving force in many creative agencies.
There is demand for digital skills in the following areas, from both agencies and in-house marketing teams:
  • SEO – both technical and copy skills
  • PPC skills
  • Digital media planners
  • Online account managers
  • Digital content managers
  • Social media planners, strategists and account managers
  • Project management in mobile campaigns

Convert your offline skills

Increasingly, traditional ‘offline’ marketing professionals are required to communicate with customers through online and interactive channels as part of their remit. If you’d like to brush up on your digital skills or widen your area of expertise, check out the digital media courses at the following institutions:
  • Dublin City University
  • Dublin Institute of Technology
If you’re keen to discuss how your digital skills could help you secure your next marketing job, please contact David Coakley in our Dublin office.