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Induction of new employees - sensibly organise induction time

The vacant position has finally been filled with the most qualified candidate and the new employee can get started right away in your company? At the latest, now is the time to think about the induction of the new colleague. With a sensible induction you significantly reduce the introduction time and help your employee quickly find his new role. Here you will find some tips that help you facilitate a good introduction, welcome the employee, and give him a content feeling in your company.

Step-by-step - induction from the very beginning

The general rule for introducing new employees is to proceed slowly and step by step. On the first day a new employee is not interested in complicated details of a project. Start with an introduction of the basics. What are the break rules? Is there a dress code? What passwords does the new employee need? What email contacts are important? In this way you can first clarify the basic things without overburdening the new employee without too much information on the first day.

Induction with a plan - structure the initial time

The new employee's first day has arrived and nothing is ready. He does not have his own desk, does not have information, there is no one who feels responsible. If a new employee experiences such an atmosphere at work, the probability is high that he is already thinking about quitting. Avoid such a start and create a plan for the new employee's start. Whose shoulder should he look over? What should he experience in the first two weeks? Who should he meet? What responsibilities should he assume? In this way you can ideally prepare your new employee for the coming period and give him everything he will later need in a slow, sustainable induction.

Be available - induction and conversation

As the boss, it is important that you are available to the new employee-especially in the first few weeks. Signal that you are available for conversations with a personal greeting and show that you are always open. The initial period of the induction in a new company yields many questions for the new employee. Use the resulting chance to give your new colleague an impression of the company culture and convey an understanding of his role. The introduction phase can then also confirm to the new employee that he has chosen the right company and feels motivated to integrate.

Initiate contacts - an important step in the induction

A good induction should also include the passing on of important contacts. Help the new employee find access to a new network he can expand during the introduction period. Who can help with which questions? With which service providers do you collaborate? Contact with people outside of the company is equally important as contacts within the company. During the introduction phase you should give your new employee an impression of his colleagues' duties, areas of responsibility, and talents. This makes it easy for the new employee to find the context of his own job and to quickly show an ability to work independently.