Candidate Pulse slot 5 - Candidate Experience

In a tight hiring market, it’s essential that companies and recruiters provide candidates with a positive experience. If the hiring process is smooth and efficient, candidates are more likely to accept a job offer and recommend the company to their peers.  

But when does the candidate experience begin? For many applicants, it’s when they read the job advertisement. There and then, candidates form a strong first impression of the company that will influence their decision about whether to apply for the position. 

To discover more about how candidates react to job ads, we surveyed 744 applicants in the DACH region from late September to mid-December 2021. Download our infographic to discover more about the pivotal role job advertisements play in the candidate experience.

Key learnings for recruiters

Hiring managers and talent acquisition teams can learn the following from our survey data: 

  • Job location is a key piece of information for candidates and should be prominently displayed in the ad. 
  • Candidates like job ads that are comprehensive and divided into subgroups. You risk missing out on top candidates if your ads are difficult to read or contain inconsistent information. 
  • Online reputation and employer branding are vital! Before they apply, candidates will assess you and your company culture based on your corporate website, social media channels and employee review sites. 

Towards a better candidate experience 

Michael Page is committed to providing candidates with the best possible experience, for the benefit of both job seekers and employers. Our recruiters can connect you with top talent in your industry and location, so if you’re looking to hire, contact us today.

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