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How do I find a job?

In today's day and age, looking for employment is more complex than ever: attractive positions are hard to find. Here, you will read about how to find a job that corresponds to your expectations and qualifications.

Michael Page recruitment consultation

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Online job portals

Online job portals are some of the most important points of contact for those looking for employment. They give you a chance to look for offers specifically in your field and region. Many job portals also offer a regular newsletter that highlights newly advertised positions. Another great option when looking for a job is saving your applicant profile in one of the databases. Many applicants fail to take advantage of this option while job hunting even though companies, recruiters and HR managers specifically search through job portals for suitable applicant profiles.

Daily newspapers and special interest magazines

In recent decades, the job market sections in newspapers and magazines have shrunk significantly, but in particular large companies and public institutions still place value on classic newspaper advertisements when looking for applicants. This is because such publications not only serve as a means of finding employees, but also of maintaining a company's image. Those who want to find a job should regularly look for job listings in regional and national newspapers and special interest magazines.

Government job service

The government job service helps applicants find a job with numerous services. Said services include, for example, government job centres and further education / training courses. You can get more information from your local government job agency.

Social network

Many companies prefer to employ people they already know from other contexts or who have been recommended. In many cases, open positions are not even publically announced. This is sometimes referred to as 'the hidden job market'. In order to learn about such vacancies and to get your foot in the door as an applicant, you need a wide network: use private and professional contacts to find a job. Contact friends, relatives and former colleagues and fellow students-the larger your network is, the greater your chance of finding a new job using these channels.

Attend trade fairs and lectures

Trade fairs, industry events and lectures give you an opportunity to make new, informal contacts and to expand your network. Do not go to these forums as an applicant; instead, present yourself in a competent and self-assured manner. Sometimes you get lucky and are in the right place at the right time.

Unsolicited applications

Instead of waiting for suitable offers, you can turn to a personnel consultancy such as Michael Page or contact companies directly. Good preparation and perfect application documents are prerequisites for finding a job with unsolicited applications. Professional websites can provide support here.