Dream Job 1

In an era when talent is scarce and employers are scrambling to fill key positions, many candidates feel like they have a chance to land their dream job. But what are applicants looking for when they evaluate a role, and what can companies do to make their employer brand more attractive in this challenging market? 

To find out, Michael Pahe surveyed over 500 employees and jobseekers across the DACH region. We asked them about the kind of contracts they preferred, their commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), their ideal work arrangements and more. Download our infographic and discover what turns a good job into a dream job. 

Landing the right contract 

After two years of COVID disruptions, it’s no surprise that our respondents placed a high value on stability. When asked what type of contract they were willing to consider for their next position, a full 90% said they would prefer a permanent position. Just one in three (30%) said they would like a temporary contract, while 7% would be happy with any kind of position. 

Getting the benefits you need 

In today’s knowledge economy, jobseekers are focused on acquiring the skills they need to succeed. No surprise, then, that a full 61% of respondents placed training and career development among their most-wanted employment benefits. This was followed by company pension plans — a top priority for almost half (49%) of respondents. Other benefits that make a difference include company-issued devices (chosen by 39% of those surveyed), financial advantages (37%) and company car (36%). 

Making dream jobs come true 

If you’re determined to find your dream job, Michael Page can help. Start your search today by visiting our jobs board. And if you’re an employer looking to hire top talent in your industry and location, don’t hesitate to contact one of our expert recruiters.