Worldwide, we are one of the leading companies focusing on recruiting specialists in all fields. Our goal is to achieve the best for our customers and candidates. With professional recruiting, the focus is on the individual in his or her entirety: his professional ability, values and goals are the key to success. Collaboration with Michael Page comes with many benefits.

Collaboration with Michael Page

The benefits of collaborating with Michael Page at a glance:
  • Global network and local specialisation
  • A contact partner
  • Targeted candidate search
  • High quality standard
  • Quick and efficient
  • Sustainable partnership
  • The Michael Page guarantee
You have a competent recruitment consultant and contact person for each discipline. Thanks to the subject-specific experience of our consultants, we guarantee a successful and efficient search for candidates. We precisely estimate your recruitment needs and only present you suitable specialist and skilled employees-saving you a lot of time and effort.
Our uniform standards and values guarantee our international quality standard. We also work promptly: Thanks to the focus of individual business areas, we generally present 3-5 suitable candidates in just a few days-one of many good reasons to collaborate with Michael Page. It's all about your needs! We help you create a requirement profile and, thanks to our various communication channels, we can present suitable candidates to you in just a short time.


We number internationally amongst the most renowned and largest recruitment consultancy groups. PageGroup comprises three core brands:
  • Page Executive - for top management
  • Michael Page - placement of specialised employees and managers for fixed positions and temporary solutions
  • Page Personnel - placement of qualified employees and young professionals for fixed positions and in the context of qualified temporary work
The division into the various areas allows us to work efficiently. Timesaving, high efficiency and quality are important reasons for collaborating with Michael Page.

Collaboration with Michael Page: we work for your satisfaction

Our special service offer offers you many advantages of a partnership with Michael Page. We reach the international market with the help of the 140 offices in 36 countries, and with over 40 years of experience, we number amongst the most successful companies engaged in the global recruiting of specialists.
Our recruitment consultants are proven experts in their field. We attract highly qualified candidates thanks to Michael Page's internationally respected reputation. We use a series of innovative channels to find the best talent on the market. There are many reasons to collaborate with Michael Page.
With our dedicated service, you save time and find the right specialised employees and managers for your needs. If a candidate resigns within the first month, we immediately start looking for new applicants-free of charge, of course.
Contact us and arrange a time for a consultation. Our recruitment consultants will answer all of your questions and ensure a quick, smooth process.